IPG has been a trusted name in the Pool & Spa industry for over 35 years. Pool Store owners who meet the eligibility requirements gain access to the IPG network and benefit from our massive purchase power, our exclusive products, and our extensive marketing resources.

IPG members get the added clout and credibility of Canada’s largest pool & spa buying group working for them, while still maintaining their independence and ability to choose how they want to run their business.  

Becoming a member of the IPG Network gives you the power to:

  • Proudly display the IPG Network logo in association with your own local store name. 
  • Enjoy competitive pricing along with attractive annual volume rebates that help ensure the financial health of your business
  • Network with the top Pool & Spa professionals who have already faced the challenges you face
  • Attend our renowned Annual Conference for business and industry insight. 
  • Attend our annual Buying Show to learn about the newest products and receive very special pricing and terms
  • Attend our annual regional meetings to receive high quality training for both management and seasonal staff
  • Access the best national brands along with our top quality private label products 
  • Purchase through Carecraft our US affiliate group allowing even greater access to special US manufacturers and pricing. 
  • Access IPG’s dedicated marketing department for customized programs
  • Benefit from additional online exposure via the IPG marketing initiatives
  • Access special credit terms and annual specials 
  • Become authorized to issue Air Miles reward miles.