MEMBER Services and Benefits

The International Pool Group can be a game changer for your Pool & Spa business, but like anything, educating yourself on the benefits and resources available to you is the key to maximizing your return on membership. 

International Pool Group Members benefit from: 

  • Networking with fellow members and industry specialists through the International Pool Group’s digital platform
  • Marketing your business more effectively and more efficiently using the tools available in the complete Branding Handbook. 
  • Downloading FREE business tools such as salary surveys and contract examples
  • Attractive Annual Rebates on all purchases
  • Keeping informed about new trends in retail and business while you focus on running your business
  • Having a large and strong advocate in their corner – being part of something that is bigger
  • Participation in our renowned annual buying show where you can see all the top suppliers in the industry under one roof and benefit from exclusive money saving special offers. 
  • Buying Better through our combined group pricing and programs
  • Get access to exclusive National Branded products to separate you from the competition 
  • Get access to exclusive private label products to further separate you from the competition
  • Availability of tools that would otherwise be unaffordable to the individual store – like our national web platform and lead development platform
  • Regional Meetings to provide you and your staff with spring training on both business and marketing topics
  • Use of the Member Centre – a centralized product research and ordering tool to manage your overall buying process
  • Networking with fellow members and industry specialists during our Annual Conference 
  • Helping to lead change and growth in the industry


Just as our country is wide and diverse, so are the needs of the Independent Pool & Spa Retailers who work hard to serve consumers in towns from coast to coast across Canada. 
It is for this reason that the International Pool Group offers multiple banners that bring the flexibility of a Network Association to the credibility of a Branded Retail Concept.

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